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Tony Kim

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Hi there 👋! I'm a 📱Technology lover and anything Software and Hardware. Currently looking for a job open to work.

I love my family especially my daugther who is 1 years old! I have several hobbies one in particular is custom mini/micro 💻ITX builds and my 🎮AYANEO, 🕹️AYN, 🖲️STEAMDECK, 🖱️GPD! Phone of choice 📱iPhone Nothing Android. Totally hip🔥✌️. Welcome to my portfolio!

My Work


Candycane Village

This project is in progress but it's about a super colorful village where the entire world including the people are candies. So far the story is that they are set out to explore their "space" only to realize it's a human that will try to destroy them.

Rebecca's Reddish Radishes

Oh what's that? Why, it's a red radish! Oop, another one! In this playful and comedy animation, Rebecca, a young farmer, decided to plant radishes for the first time, but there is a big twist!


A heartwarming story about a little orphan girl who tries to find her way back home.

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@00EVA I post all my work here. I don't want to link it yet because I want to sort it out a little bit!

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